The Best Girl’s Name Song Of All Time?

Trio – “Anna”

But yes. This song totally bent my mind when I first heard it. I believe I laughed uncontrollably for some time and then had to play it least twice a day for a whole summer. This is the great German trio known simply as, Trio. You’ve probably heard their hit “Da Da Da (I Don’t Love You You Don’t Love Me)” but you maybe haven’t heard this yet. It’s perfect.

“Common People” Stiffed In The U.S.

Pulp – “Common People”

Pulp really put it all together on this one. An amazing lyric about real life, great vocal, instrumentation inspired at every turn. There isn’t a wasted line or moment. “Common People” was a huge smash over in the UK, but not so much in the US, so if you missed it, check it out! This is one of my all time favorite songs.

A Band You Should Know About

Television – “Friction”

Great song from one of my favorite albums, “Friction” on Marquee Moon by Television. If you haven’t ever heard Tom Verlaine, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Love his voice but I especially love his guitar playing.

Masterful Guitar Rumbles Into Rock History

Link Wray – “Rumble”

This classic instrumental track by Link Wray made an indelible mark on rock and guitar playing. The rhythm section just cooks along behind Wray as he methodically increases the tension, using the amp vibrato and his expert technique to speak volumes without words in a short space of time. This is as cool as it gets.

Bad Music For Bad People, Good!

The Cramps – “She Said”

The Cramps are a national treasure. I liked them before I even heard them play. I knew what they SOUNDED like just by looking at their PICTURE! Bad Music For Bad People, indeed. This is good.

Space Rock Music Masterpiece Is Timeless

The Tornados – “Telstar”

Another hugely influential instrumental track, this gem from UK’s The Tornados went all the way to number one in the USA in 1962. “Telstar” is like a time capsule, with rock n’ roll, the space race, and science fiction preserved in an other-worldly blend. It’s a superb recording too, produced by the composer, Joe Meek, a pioneer in electronic music and recording technology.