A Prehistoric Bird’s Evolutionary Superiority Discussed In Song

The Uptones – “Bested By Pelicans”

A most unusual song topic, the pelican, makes this song truly unique. Songwriter, vocalist, and videographer, Paul Jackson, has produced a thought provoking song and video about his observations of pelicans.

The Best Band Not To Make It Big

The Move – “Feel Too Good”

I got to know The Move when they featured Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne and Bev Bevan. They were so good, but were never as famous here as they were in the U.K., where they scored 9 Top 20 hits in the 60s. “Feel Too Good” is a classic, but way too long for the radio airplay of the time.

King Of Skiffle Swallows His Bubblegum

Lonnie Donegan – “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose it’s Flavour?”

Lonnie Donegan was one of the most popular recording artists of his era. According to the The Guinness Book of British Hit Singles & Albums, he’s “Britain’s most successful and influential recording artist before The Beatles.” He had 24 successive Top 30 hits, and was the first UK male to score two U.S. Top 10s. He was considered the King of Skiffle which was the music movement that was all the rage in the 50s and early 60s. The Beatles claim Lonnie as an important influence on their music.

Aliens Decipher Messages Using Music

The Uptones – “Not From Here”

“Not From Here” is a classic song about the feeling being of alienated in familiar surroundings. The Berkeley, California Ska band, The Uptones, have recorded a song that discusses just this. Their song “Not From Here” is perfect example of a thinking person’s song that really rocks.

Senate Lawmakers Found Making Sausages

The Uptones – “Laws and Sausage”

This Ska ditty is about how ugly making law has become. This thought-provoking song changed how I think about government. It might be easier not to think about where my hot dog came from.