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Joan Jett and The Blackhearts – “I Love Rock And Roll”

The song that broke the first female TRUE rock n roll star. The “First Lady” of. Released in 1981. This song is older than me!?! I guess it’s just timeless. Because I still hear it at bars, sports stadiums, and in movies. I’m embarrassed to say the reason I know this song is because when I was 10 (before I knew about Joan Jett) Brittney Spears covered this song. I did my research to find out who did the original. I found out. And forever have been a fan. Thanks to Joan Jett for being the greatest female inspiration to this day.

Author: Emily Jayne

I'm the front woman for The Fashion Slaves, and I'm also EMYLE, solo EDM pop artist! The songs I've posted here inspired me to sing and play music and make records. Check them all out!